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wSign e-signature platform, streamlines and coordinates signature operations and workflows, through an intuitive solution with total protection of the user’s identity and data, allowing the signature from anywhere and any device with legal validity as is eIDAS compliant.

The quick and easy signature process that wSign provides, boost any company effectiveness as over 85% of agreements are completed in less than 24 hous, and 48% in less than 15 minutes.

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What wSign brings
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wSign is the tool that empowers your business with efficiency. Companies that choose to adopt digital signatures save 85% of costs connected to document handling expenses, making processes faster, with just some clicks your clients will be able to get their document signed, with an 80% reduction in the processing time avoiding documents missing and errors.
Additionally, your company’s signature processes will be structured in a personalised workflow, to assure maximum flexibility and customization, contributing to the improvement of the relationship with your customer which will live a smooth and easy signature experience, and so increasing customer loyalty by 500%.

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wSign verifies the users’ email addresses through a confirmation message. To gain extra security, users can add their mobile phone number as a second verification factor, for OTP code verification on their mobile phone.

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Upload to the wSign platform the PDF document to be signed, or select one from a list of documents already uploaded.

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Using a dynamic signature field, users can sign where they prefer. wSign adds a watermark and a QR code to retrieve and access an audit system of all the activity, obtaining a historical record of all processes.

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The signature owner user can add more signature boxes and invite more users to sign the document. The system will send an email notification to all signatories to complete the process.

Discovering wSign Main Features

In cloud (SaaS), through standard interface or API integration

wSign is available as a cloud service, using a web interface or API, to be fully integrated with internal systems

Multi-document management

Easy management of single documents, dossiers, or multidocument to optimise the signature process

Contact management and notifications

Easily accessible and editable contact list, and custom notifications to make life easier without unnecessary stress


wSign can be personalised with any corporate visual identity. Allows you to choose the domain and URL for your signature platform and design the look and feel (logo, colours, available fonts) to shape a coordinated and integrated corporate signature experience

Easy management of your contact list

Edit your contacts or upload them as a .CSV file to always keep your contact list updated

Keep your notifications under control

Avoid receiving a huge amount of notification emails, thanks to a built-in scheduler to only receive a summary of pending actions when needed



As a digital process, it eliminates all the paperrelated costs, assuring a process that is easy to carry among all users.


wSign allows document approvals with different levels of security, depending on their law requirements. It complies with eIDAS European regulation, automating and customising workflows depending on your needs.


The signing process is completed easily and quickly by the users avoiding useless clicks and cutting off times by 30% compared to the competition improving productivity and business outcomes.


Thanks to the high traceability of processes, signature operations can be monitored and used as a legal proof, providing a stronger audit framework and avoiding legal risk compared to flawed traditional paper-based processes.

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